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Lock and Load Germany 2016 info.

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Lock and Load Germany 2016 info.

I went to this event last year and it was a good time. I plan on going back again this year as it looks like it will be even more like the main event in Seattle. I've been told that the price of a ticket and 2 nights stay with breakfast will be in the neighborhood of 165 Euro (£120) for a 3 day event. Official information from the organisers below.

Lock & Load Outpost Germany

From 10th – 12th June, 2016, Ulisses Spiele will present an official European Event in Frankfurt, concurrently with the main event in the U.S.

The first Outpost Germany last year was received very well and we are working closely together with Privateer Press to be able to offer you even more in 2016!

Just like last year, we will provide you with the opportunity to play a lot of games in several different tournaments and to meet players from all over the world. We would like to invite you all – whether you are from Germany or somewhere else – to attend Lock & Load Outpost Germany!

Once again there will be a German Masters for 128 players, the German Hardcore Championship, the Outpost Masters, a team tournament, a beginners’ tourney and, of course, Iron Arena. Last year’s Iron Arena was so successful that next year we will double its size! If you don’t know Iron Arena yet, you’re missing out, as you can play all formats you like! The more games indifferent formats you play against people from other countries, the more points you earn. You will not only meet loads of nice
people but will also be able to grab exclusive prizes!

In addition, there will be painting contests in several categories, painting workshops, speed painting challenges, Iron Kingdoms
roleplaying sessions, board games, and a live video stream from Lock & Load in Seattle.

With help direct from Privateer Press, we are going to make Lock & Load Outpost Germany even more like the original.

The 2016 Lock & Load Outpost Germany event will be held at the relaxa hotel in Frankfurt, and we have already organized a block of rooms. Advance booking will start later in 2015 through the F-Shop, and further news about the event can be found on

We’re looking forward to seeing you all!



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Re: Lock and Load Germany 2016 info.

Czy ktokolwiek ma jakieś pojęcie czy i jeśli tak to jaki podręcznik będzie miał premierę na Lock and Load ?
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Re: Lock and Load Germany 2016 info.

Nowe Steamrollery, Mastery, Hardcore etc. Książki raczej nie


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Re: Lock and Load Germany 2016 info.

W tym roku w Europie będziemy mieć trzy mini Lock and Loady. Nie tylko w Niemczech, ale też w UK oraz Francji.
Lock And Load Outpost UK 2016

The Lock & Load Outpost UK
will take place the weekend of June 10th to 12th and will feature:

* The 24 Hour Iron Arena.
* Competitve Gaming, including Masters, Steamroller, Hardcore & more.
* Painting and Modeling with Hang Outs, Speed Painting, Conversion Corner and the Golden Thrall Painting competition (single, large & group categories).
* Board and Card game demos and events.
* Live streaming of the Privateer Press Keynote speech with an EU exclusive Q&A period following it with Matt Wilson and the studio staff.
* Exclusive items only available this weekend.

This event will take place at:

The North West Gaming Centre
1st Floor
Hallam Business Centre
Hallam Street
Stockport SK2 6PT

Tickets are limited and have a price of £25 for the weekend. They go on sale on April 1st at 9:00am (GMT) via the Tiebreak site at:www.tiebreak.co.uk

There's also a Facebook Event for any questions you may have about the event:


Lock & Load Outpost Germany 2016

Doors open on Friday, June 10, at 12:00 p.m., and the event ends on Sunday, June 12, at 6:00 p.m. Iron Arena will be open the entire time, and players will have the opportunity to earn points to redeem for special items.

Alternatively, Lock & Load Outpost Germany will have myriad large events planned. Along with the many spontaneous and scheduled events, a 128-player Masters event will start on Friday with the Top Eight cut. Midnight Madness, Hardcore, and Steamrollers will start on Saturday, all offering qualifier spots for the Outpost Masters on Sunday. Next to fame and glory, the winner of the Outpost Masters qualifies for a spot at the next WARMACHINE Weekend!

Lock & Load Outpost Germany will offer a painting competition, a miniature-repair service, and workshops led by Mechanical Legion artist Tomas Mennes.

And the exclusive Lock & Load sculpt of Colbie from the Black River Irregulars will be made available to everyone who has booked a room at the relexa hotel in Frankfurt! For more information about the event, go to:


Lock & Load Outpost France 2016

For the first time ever, attendees can enjoy the gaming extravaganza, the competitive rush, and the exclusive products of Privateer Press' grand event in France! Come visit Lock & Load Outpost France 2016 in the Paris area, June 9–12.

During these four days of gaming, VictoriaGame will host three tournaments, including "le Pentacle"—the definitive WTC-format team tournament on the French scene. Painters of all levels will also have the opportunity to take part in a painting competition judged by famous professional painter Fabrice Tran. And of course, the Iron Arena will be open during the entire event, allowing players to battle new opponents and win exclusive prizes!

Tournaments are scheduled daily:
Thursday: Steamroller tournament with open invitations for Press Gangers.
Friday: Masters tournament.
Saturday and Sunday: le Pentacle (WTC format team tournament)!

The Iron Arena will run non-stop during all four days. All of the latest WARMACHINE and HORDES releases and Lock & Load exclusive products will also be available during all four days. Tickets are already available at:



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Post wtorek, 29 marca 2016, 14:32

Re: Lock and Load Germany 2016 info.

Ja planuję jechać do Stockport (to pod Manchesterem), więc jak ktoś byłby chętny się napić czy coś, to zapraszam ;)


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Post środa, 1 czerwca 2016, 09:43

Re: Lock and Load Germany 2016 info.

Wybiera się ktoś na outpost germany? Ja się dość poważnie zastanawiam.
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Post czwartek, 2 czerwca 2016, 11:19

Re: Lock and Load Germany 2016 info.

Koledzy którzy chcą aby dokonać im zakupów na L& L proszę o wpłacanie pieniędzy.
Za cholerę nie wiem jakie będą ceny w EURO na L&L, więc proszę o wpłaty według cen w USD zgodnie z cenami na Privater press.
Zestawy startowe – 40 usd
podręczniki podstawowe do wm i hordes – 60 usd
zestawy kart – 20 usd

Średni kurs kantorowy usd – 4,00 zł

Muszę kupić gotówkę w EURO, bo nie będę płacił kartą kredytową ani debetową. Wszelkie różnice cenowe i kursowe mające wpływ na rozliczenie podam po L&L na privy przed wysłaniem zamówionych towarów.

wpłacać należy kasę na rachunek który podam na priv.

Proszę o doliczenie kwoty 10 zł na przesyłkę.

Kasę proszę wpłacić tak, aby NAJPÓŹNIEJ w środę 08.06.2016r. była na moim koncie, muszę jeszcze pójść kupić walutę a w czwartek rano jedziemy.
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