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Italian Masters - 27-28.05.2017 - Mediolan

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Italian Masters - 27-28.05.2017 - Mediolan

Event na fb:

And even this year it’s finally time for the ITALIAN MASTER Warmachine & Hordes!

For this year the tournament will take place in a new location at UESM – Casa dei Giochi in Milan !!!

WHERE WE ARE? Milan - Via Sant'Uguzzone 8

http://www.google.it/maps/place/Via+San ... d9.2261022

The place is easily accessible:

• Subway: Red Line MM1 - stop Villa San Giovanni or Sesto Marelli

• Car: Sesto San Giovanni’s exit of the A4 highway

• Train: From Milan Central Station take the green subway line MM2, get off at Loreto and take the red line subway MM1, stop- Villa San Giovanni or Sesto Marelli

• Plane: From Linate, Malpensa and Orio al Serio can hop on the shuttle that will take you to the Central Train Station, then follow the route above. If you take the Malpensa Express to Cadorna station, directly take the subway Red Line MM1 towards Sesto San Giovanni and get off at Villa S. Giovanni or Sesto Marelli

WHEN: May 27 and 28, 2017


COST: to be defined (it will be a standard price, so…don’t worry)


day 1

09.30 - Registration

10.30 - Game 1

13.00 - Game 2

15.30 - Game 3

18.30 - Closing day 1

20.00 - Social Dinner

day 2

09.30 - Game 1

12.00 - Game 2

14.30 - Game 3

17.00 - Awards & Greetings

The schedule is very tight, there is no lunch break, so when your game is over there’s a bar inside the UESM where you can get sandwiches, pizza, ecc.. (it is not allowed to bring food from outside)


OVERNIGHT: There are many hotels and B&B in the area, we are looking for a partnership.

For any other information please contact me via PM or email to vins.rotondo@gmail.com
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Re: Italian Masters - 27-28.05.2017 - Mediolan


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