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CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1



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CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1

No i jest nerf Denny1. Oto lista opisowa. Plik w CID.

Hello and welcome to the Black Fleet CID cycle!

Below you will find a list of all of the models currently included in this CID cycle. We are continuning on with out 'Things to test' section as it was well received in the Blindwater CID. Please note that there are many more questions you could ask about these models, these are just some starting points to kick start discussions.

Please remember that asking for additional things to be added to CID or to be changed is against the Terms of Service. Do not start threads asking for things that are not in the list below to change.

New Models
Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet: Skarre 3 is a support style Warcaster that brings a solid shooting platform to the table. She should synergize well with her battle group and supports a variety of Cryx options. Reinforcements [Living] gives excellent support to the living portions of the Black Fleet (Scourge of the Broken Coast and Slaughter Fleet Raiders). Guided Fire and Deceleration have proved very powerful in Black Industries and Infernal Machines lists.

Things to test: Do you feel her ability to make a gun line is too strong? Are her lists too survivable against shooting based lists? Is she personally too hard to kill? Is her personal ranged output too much? Not enough?

Blighted Trollkin Marauders: Marauders bring variety to the options allowed in Slaughter Fleet Raiders. Much like their melee oriented counterpart (Blood Gorgers) they take buffs well with their Thrown weapons. Ranged attacks generally do very well against de-buffed targets, fitting well into the Cryxian playstyle. Having a very strong MAT of 7 means this unit is not afraid to get into melee with their chain weapons. With Ashen Veil they are the more defensive option when compared to Blood Gorgers.

Things to test: Are the Marauders too durable? Are they a compelling choice next to Blood Gorgers? Do they overshadow them or fall behind? Why?

Black Orgun Smog Belchers: The mobile artillery of the Slaughter Fleet Raiders, the Smog Belchers bring powerful ranged attacks to the theme force. It is important that they are unique from the Marauders and both keep a unique role. Smog Belchers bring a substantial amount of control against living warrior models and can help protect Warcasters or support models that are behind them after they fire their cannons.

Things to test: Do you find the Smoke Cloud rule to be worthwhile? Is it too difficult on order of activations? Do you find it to be beneficial? Do you feel their damage output is appropriate for their cost? Please take into account different warcaster options when answering this question.

Black Ogrun Iron Mongers: Keeping the Slaughter Fleet Warjacks in tip-top shape, these Iron Mongers are a hybrid mechanic and support unit that is reasonably competent in combat. Bringing solid defensive stats for their points and some powerful special rules to support their Warjacks is key to the design of this unit.

Things to test: Is Curse a compelling reason to run the Iron Mongers? Do you feel they are impactful enough to warrant their inclusion in lists?

Jussika Bloodtongue: Jussika can attach to both Blighted Trollkin units (Blood Gorgers and Marauders). With No Sleeping on the Job she supports not just her own unit, but even other Blighted Trollkin that are close by. This ability combines very well with her Granted: Vengeance, meaning models that do land their Tough roll will still be able to benefit from it. Jussika should be a compelling choice for both Trollkin units.

Things to test: Does she provide benefits that make it a meaningful choice on which Blighted Trollkin unit to attach her to?

Scharde Pirates & Officer: These lil’ fellas are the shock troops of the Slaughter Fleet Raiders. Surprisingly fast with their officer they can apply a lot of pressure to their opponents starting from a very early point in the game. The Officer brings a very offensive set of abilities to the Pirate unit. Speeding up the unit and creating a fast skirmishing unit is the role we would like to see out of this unit with its command attachment.

Things to test: Is this unit too fast? Are they oppressive on scenario elements? Are the efficiency of sprays on an assaulting unit too strong when combined with the de-buffs available from the assortment of Cryx Warcasters? Is the unit’s durability appropriate for its point cost?

Scharde Dirge Seers: A combination offense and utility support unit, the Dirge Seers should be an annoyance to your opponent while helping deliver your army. Hex Bolt shutting down special attacks, power attacks, Guidance granting magic weapons and Eyeless Sight, and Summon Vortex to protect your back line and themselves, the Dirge Seers have an excellent set of spells. Battle Wizard, MAT 7, and Needle allow them to deal with infantry while still applying their spells. Don’t forget about Dodge and Riposte!

Things to test: Do you find the Dirge Seer’s spells useful? Valuable? Is Dodge, DEF14 with Vortex feel powerful? Is it too much? Not enough?

Satyxis Blood Priestess: As a Warcaster Attachement the Blood Priest grants its Warcaster two major things: Sucker and Arcane Assist. Increasing the durability of some of the more fragile Cryx Warcasters can be very powerful. Focus efficiency in the form of Arcane Assist is also a very compelling choice for some of Cryx’s more buff-oriented caster options. We also would like to see the Blood Priestess join the fight in the mid-to-late game where her Sacral Blade’s menu of abilities can really come into effect. With the utility abilities to Heal, Dispel, or cast spells the toolbox of options should be quite unique in this model.

Things to test: Does the Satyxis Blood Priestess make a Warcaster too durable? Do you find her abilities to be relevant and compelling for a wide variety of Warcasters? Do you think her melee potential is substantial enough to make charging into combat with her a viable option?

Misery Cage: A cheap focus efficiency piece. The Misery cage is fueled by corpses and grants your Warcaster focus.

Things to test: Is gaining focus on Cryxian Warcasters worth the 2 point investment? Do you find the model is useful with only its starting corpse? In your games, did the Misery Cage collect additional corpses?

Axiara Wraithblade: In the chain of command, Axiara is just under Skarre for the Black Fleet. An excellent tactician and leader of the living forces of the Black Fleet, her battle plans should be varied in use to accommodate the different Satyxis units.

Things to test: Are Axiara’s battle plans useful to the army you built? Do you feel she contributes meaningfully to your game plan as both a support piece and a combat model?

Severa Blacktide: A character Satyxis Gunslinger, Severa brings strong magical attacks with some utility to the table. Run & Gun is an incredibly powerful ability that makes Satyxis Gunslingers a much more effective unit. Her shot types give her many options to choose from while Vortex Blast gives her a rather unique effect on the table.

Things to test: Are Severa’s shot types compelling? Do you find yourself using one consistently over the rest? Is Chain Attack: Vortex Blast a compelling choice? Do you feel it is too strong? Not strong enough?

Hollow Holden: Holden has fallen to the Grymkin at the Battle of Boars Gate! He has joined his fellow cowards and deserters with the Hollowmen. Holden before his turn was a marksman and a ranger. Bestowing some of his skills to his unit (Pathfinder) is important to his concept. Constantly being tortured and pushed to fight by his gremlin handler who is flipping his fated coin shown in the Poisoned Fate rule. Pulling down his opponents with Weaken or showing is cowardice and retreating with Reposition are both very thematic options.

Things to test: Does Holden bring something to a unit of Hollowmen you find desirable? Do you think the Poisoned Fate rule has two meaningful outcomes?

Current Models

Warwitch Deneghra: Deneghra 1 is a very powerful Warcaster. With the ability to play incredibly strong assassination, attrition, and control styles she is one of the most versatile and powerful Warcasters in the game. We have gone through many different options to tone her down and we felt that her control and assassination game is the best place to shave a little of her power level off. Allowing enemy models to Run, Charge, and make Special Attacks and Actions should reduce the total shut-down some players felt after her feat turn. To hamper her assassination potential, we removed Scourge and replaced it with Black Talons, a new spell. AOE 3” Critical Shadowbind is certainly less powerful than an AOE attack that knocked down anything hit, but can still lead to some powerful plays. We hope that these changes can bring Deneghra 1 in line with the rest of the game.

Wraith Witch Deneghra: Deneghra 2 has been re-imagined with these changes. A completely new feat, a re-worked spell list, and a new direction on play style should help bring the caster back to the table. As a concept Deneghra 2’s army should play like a stealthy strike team hitting the opponent fast and hard, completing its objectives and then escaping back to the shadows after the battle. (Please note this is a conceptual description and should not be taken word-for-word when thinking about her spells and abilities). Spells like Shadowstep, Damnation and the latest version of her feat, Web of Shadows, all have strong thematic components to them to support this idea. We also swapped around some of her other spells to make them more interesting and synergistic with the other portions of her rules. Please note we have removed the restriction of only casting Breath Stealer once per turn. This change will also affect Saeryn 1 and Cyphon 1.

Corruptor: We felt that the Corruptor was slightly too expensive for its output. Lowering it to 15 points should help it play out a little more favorably when building lists.

Black Ogrun Boarding Party: These models are pretty unique in Cryx and we feel with a slight nudge this unit could become a real contender. Jumping up to defense 13 and picking up Gang could be the bump they need to see the table.

Satyxis Blood Witches: Replacing Blood Mist with Grevious Wounds in their menu of options allows us to make the changes listed below to the Blood Hag. This change will make the unit more consistently useful.

Blood Hag: Removing Entropic Force in exchange for Grevious Wounds on the entire unit allowed us to play with the Blood Hag’s rules. Because of the inherent lower P+S in the theme force, adding Dark Shroud to the Blood Hag gives an option for utility from the unit. Side Step on the unit can be quite strong setting up Gang and pairs very well Axiara’s Reposition [3”] to clear lanes of your own models or dig deeper into the opposing force.

Satyxis Gunslingers: The Gunslingers have swapped out a few shot types for some more generally useful abilities. Part of this does remove the ability to create a cloud wall out of shooting your own models. While this seems very unlikely to occur when theme forces are taken into account, it’s still an interaction we were not a big fan of. These new shots types with Severa’s Run and Gun make this unit quite potent.

Satyxis Raider Sea Witch: Satyxis Raiders are an incredibly strong unit – we wanted to increase the cost of the Sea Witch because she doesn’t fit inside the curve when looking at the benefits she brings compared to other attachments.

Black Industries: We have added Black Ogrun Iron Mongers to Black Industries.
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Re: CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1

hehe zmiany niektóre sa ciekawe, szkoda że zabrali gusliderką chmurki i feedbacka, ale dodali też ciekawe opcje
Zobaczymy co do końca przejdzie, mnie sie podoba:)
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Re: CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1

Gunslingerki teraz sa duuuzo lepsze. Chmurki wymagaky unitu do zabijania a feedback byl sytuacyjny ze hoho


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Re: CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1

Mi tylko brakuje Convevu i nerfa-erraty robiącego z nich Warcaster Unit ( w samym casterze nic nie trzeba zmieniać)... Z resztą da się grąć już teraz.


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Re: CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1

Ciut popłynęli z niektórymi rzeczami w tym CiD. Skarre3 ma jakąś idiotyczną przeżywalność. Kto wymyślił Ogrunów z działami to nie wiem, ale tak giętego oddziału na starcie już dawno nie było w CiD. I soloska z ratem8 wbijająca Shadow Binda 2 modelom na turę. Co za dużo to IMO nie zdrowo. Fajnie, że kolejne frakcje dostają kolejne paczki nowości, ale akurat Cryx nie potrzebuje dopałki do powera, a niektóre bardzo mocne zabawki dostali.

A Nerd Denny1 - średni nerf, dalej będzie robiła CK, tylko teraz poprawiły się jej umiejętności w zakładaniu CK modelom ze steady. Dalej jest to trywialne -5 do arma i mniej trywialne -7 do defa.

Prywatnie zaś jestem ciekaw dlaczego modele trolli do cryxu w cenie modeli trolli do trolli mają w statystykach uwzględniony kamień....
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Re: CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1

Kevin napisał(a): Kto wymyślił Ogrunów z działami to nie wiem,

To akurat proste, nawet chyba podobnie sie nazywaja
QcDWG napisał(a):Cale mk3 jest jedna wielka dobra decyzja. Plus praktycznie kazda errata? A sr17 juz wyglada duzo lepiej niz na poczatku...

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yaro napisał(a):To po co gracie? By narzekac?


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Re: CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1

Jest szansa, że CiD wykaże potrzebę zmian - np: na temat Skare3 chcą wiedzieć w pytaniu które zadali czy "nieprzegięli" ;)

Na razie CiDy generalnie były udane, więc jest szansa, że ten też w miarę zrobi moc ale nie PG.


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Re: CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1

Osobiscie uwazam ze pare rzeczy jest tu do sciecia, ale wole bysmy cieli od gory niz dodawali od dolu
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0-6(1) > 10-7(3) ?


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Re: CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1

Ven napisał(a):Jest szansa, że CiD wykaże potrzebę zmian - np: na temat Skare3 chcą wiedzieć w pytaniu które zadali czy "nieprzegięli" ;)

Na razie CiDy generalnie były udane, więc jest szansa, że ten też w miarę zrobi moc ale nie PG.

Jak wrzucali filmik z komentarzem zmian CiDowych to zadawali właśnie tego typu pytania wcześniej: "Co jest ok, a co nie?". W ten sposób trochę mobilizują graczy do tego żeby udowodnić, że gdzieś przegięli i że zmiany muszą być. Dlatego też ludzie bardziej ochoczo mogą podejść do szukania dziur ;)

Niestety jeżeli te dziury nie będą testowane i zgłaszane to różnie będzie wychodzić. Na razie jeszcze wszystko wychodzi dobrze, ale zobaczymy ile to potrwa :)
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Re: CID Cryx - Nerf Denny1

Kevin napisał(a):A Nerd Denny1 - średni nerf, dalej będzie robiła CK, tylko teraz poprawiły się jej umiejętności w zakładaniu CK modelom ze steady. Dalej jest to trywialne -5 do arma i mniej trywialne -7 do defa.

Większość casterów nie ma i nie może mieć Steady. CK jest teraz trudniejsze. Co więcej Feat nie warzywi już totalnie Twojej tury, możesz w odpowiedzi wcisnąć CK łatwiej niż poprzednio.
CiD trwa, może dostać dodatkowego nerfa jeźeli to będzie za mało.
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