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what is wrong with ADR?



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Dołączył(a): poniedziałek, 18 lutego 2013, 14:39

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Post poniedziałek, 18 grudnia 2017, 16:05

Re: what is wrong with ADR?

Basically this:
Chomik napisał(a):Convergence: here is just the problem of limited options, but still they just can't get very weak ADR ;-)
Grymkins: quite same as convergence, limited amount of warlocks just make ADR strong for that faction.

and this:
Chomik napisał(a):Additionally I agree with the others:
- it's hard to pack 3 lists, ADR (even two are not easy)
- it's hard to paint 3 lists ADR (especially for people that not play for so long)

Balance, transport, painting.

Plus what Vitu$, Whydak and Encaitar said.


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Post poniedziałek, 18 grudnia 2017, 17:44

Re: what is wrong with ADR?

I also do not like ADR that much. It is worth mentioning, that I am currently playing Convergence and the upcoming ADR would give me an edge over many other factions. Most arguments against ADR were already mentioned before, but for me the most important ones are the change in faction balance that is caused by the ADR. I do not like having an unfair advante over factions, who's ADR are much more restrictive than mine.

The transport and painting issues are secondary for me.


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Post poniedziałek, 18 grudnia 2017, 19:08

Re: what is wrong with ADR?

Personally I am pro ADR in a 2 list format. Certainly points provided by my predecessors are valid and there is and will be always a disproportion in the ADR-selective caster,

The only think i do not want right now is 3 list ADR becuase of logistical issues.
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Post poniedziałek, 18 grudnia 2017, 19:23

Re: what is wrong with ADR?

I'm definitly against ADR. Mostly because of the points writen above (Vitu$, Chomik).

ADR do not fulfill thier role of being support for less common choices of warcasters. Now they give too much flexibility and are making warcasters included in ADR to powerfull when they are not weak. Currently mercenaries are the best example.

I do think that the game is better balanced without them, especialy in 3 lists event.


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Post wtorek, 19 grudnia 2017, 20:06

Re: what is wrong with ADR?

The voting in the tournament thread may have a strategic element to it. If a player doesn't plan on using ADR anyway, he may want to vote against it to deny his opponents a potential advantage.

That said, I basically agree with others who do not find ADR a compelling option. It isn't enticing enough to encourage taking weaker warcasters while it feels like a cheap bonus for stronger ones, who would have been taken anyway.


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Post wtorek, 19 grudnia 2017, 20:22

Re: what is wrong with ADR?

I like ADR but because of Grymkin, CoC and Mercs in this edition I'm against. Game looks well balanced, but ADR doesn't


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Post środa, 3 stycznia 2018, 14:59

Re: what is wrong with ADR?

coming up again with this topic - anymore reasons? I know that many of you bring those arguments as one but I would be nice to see how many of you don't want ADRs.
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